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Roanoke Economic Development, Inc. also known as The Roanoke Center, 501(c)3 affiliate of Roanoke Electric Cooperative, is a nonprofit, self-supporting organization that is independent of Roanoke Electric Cooperative. Co-op member-owner bill payments go only to pay the cost of electricity and the operations of the co-op itself. The Roanoke Center is entirely dependent on foundation grants and the generous contributions from the businesses and individuals served by the Center, and whose lives and communities the Center programs and services are provided. Through your generosity, your donation will ensure The Roanoke Center continues to advance its mission of enhancing your quality of life, that of your family and neighbors and the community in which we all live and work. Simply put: YOU are our mission. Please consider donating today so that we may continue to serve you!

When donating, please specify which of the TRC program(s) you would like your contribution to support. You may donate by clicking the link at end of this website page, but first please learn more about the programs you may choose to support and what your generosity can do for those in our community who are most in need of your help.


The Roanoke Center Causes


Community Solar Low Income Assistance Program

Nearly 30 percent of Roanoke Electric Co-op member-owner households have an income of less than $25,000 a year. Many of these households in our community struggle with paying the monthly power bill. The co-op, working through The Roanoke Center, has created a community solar low income assistance sponsorship program via its Roanoke SolarShare initiative to help member-owners facing financial hardship pay their power bills.. These sponsorships make it possible for residential and business co-op member-owners, as well as area businesses, local governments and house of worship to directly sponsor co-op member-owners households identified by area help agencies as qualifying for payment assistance. Sponsorship levels available include:

  • Ambassador: the subscriber pays the monthly $20 subscription fee (a block of 10 solar panels) and donates the value of the solar electricity output to a low income co-op member-owner. The low income member-owner will have no subscription fee and instead will see the credit for the output of the 10 solar panels as a monthly reduction on his or her household utility bill anticipated to be $21.60 and ascribed to the Roanoke SolarShare community solar program.
  • Leader: provides for the opportunity for business and nonprofits to provide a one time or annual contribution of larger amounts to support to Roanoke Electric Co-op's low income member-owners.
  • Benefactor (individual or business): may provide a tax deductible donation of $20 or more to provide a $21.60 credit to a co-op member-owner’s utility bill. The suggested Benefactor donation is $240, which will provide a member-owner facing financial hardship with a $259 credit to their utility bill over the course of one full calendar year or 12-month period.
  • Local Government, Business or House of Worship 15-Year Life of Program Sponsor: a onetime tax deductible donation of $4,080 will provide an average $21.60 monthly benefit to one household through 2034 – the remaining anticipated life span of the community solar project. The co-op will select the member-owner recipient based on co-op local Department of Social Services agency eligibility guidelines. The specific member-owner recipients may change over project period based on eligibility.


Upgrade to $ave Assistance Program

The Roanoke Center also makes it possible to sponsor a co-op member-owner participating in the Upgrade to $ave program. These sponsorships go directly toward the cost of co-payment needed for participating member-owner to buy down the cost of the energy efficiency upgrades to their homes that will further save money on their monthly energy bill. Further, these sponsorships often support urgent repairs needed at some member-owner residences that will make homes safer and eligible to receive the full Upgrade to $ave energy efficiency upgrades for longer term savings.

In addition to the Upgrade to $ave program page link above, learn more about the program and watch video of participating member-owners and The Roanoke Center Executive Director Sondra Dickens discussing the quality-of-life improvements and cost-savings benefits resulting from participation in this energy-efficiency savings initiative.


The Roanoke Center general community activities

If you don't want to choose a specific program, you may elect to have us choose the area where your funds are most needed at the time of your donation. Support the full range of citizen support and community economic development activities provided by the nonprofit Roanoke Center, and we will ensure your contribution is applied where it can make the biggest difference right away.

Thank you for your support! We are grateful for you and it is our privilege and honor to serve you and your community.

You can also mail your donations with the Mail-in Donation Form to:

409 North Main Street
P.O. Box 148
Rich Square, NC 27869

Please make checks payable to Roanoke Economic Development. Thank you for your generosity and commitment.